Online Accounting

We offer users the best of both worlds when it comes to online accounting for contractors and freelancers who operate through their own limited company. We provide a simple online tool combined with a qualified accountant to support your business.

You can upload your invoice and expenses and e-mail them to us, while we do all of the calculations behind the scenes to show how much you need to keep in your business in order to settle your tax obligations. Most importantly, we tell you how much to pay yourself in terms of a salary, and how much to take out of the company in the form of dividends.

The main benefit of our service compared to other Accountants is that we also provide you with access to a fully qualified personal client accountant during business hours. Our team is here to make your life even easier and are available for any queries or concerns you have with your business finances. Your accountant is responsible for filing your quarterly and end of year tax returns and provide you with simple guidance on what you need to do pay HMRC.